We support the use of social media for free online access to medical education (FOAMed), however this must not breech patient confidentiality or information governance rules and legislation.

Therefore, all students on PCP shifts must adhere strictly to the LAS Social Media Policy found here.

In addition to this there are some KCL PCP specific rules:

  1. Students are NOT permitted to take any photographs of public incident scenes (including road-traffic collisions, assaults, public-order incidents etc)
  2. We encourage students to tweet reflections on their shifts, however these must NOT include any details of specific jobs, locations, patient identifiable information or photographs.
  3. Students are also encouraged to use the following hashtags (#PCP #KCLEMS #FOAM #FOAMed) and to tag the KCL Emergency Medicine Society Twitter account (@kclemergencymed).
  4. Students may also retweet posts from their paramedic mentors, but like-wise these should be confidential and adhere to the LAS and KCL PCP social media policies.
  5. Reflections of PCP shifts are ONLY allowed via Twitter. No other social media platforms may be used (including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc)