Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the PCP is currently closed whilst London Ambulance Service cannot safely accommodate observers.

We hope to restart the scheme as soon as possible. In the meantime, the PCP team will be bringing you pre-hospital events in conjunction with other Pan-London PCP schemes.


King's College London Emergency Medicine Society (KCL EMS) is home to the KCL Prehospital Care Programme (PCP), where medical/nursing students can go on observation shifts with the London Ambulance Service.

Paramedics from LAS have kindly mentored our students, introducing them to the world of Prehospital Medicine and Emergency Care. This has allowed the next generation of KCL doctors and nurses to experience real emergencies and to learn about and appreciate the discipline of Paramedic Science. Since the PCP has started, students have been to countless emergencies in London including stabbings, shootings, road traffic accidents, persons hit by trains, heart attacks, strokes, drug overdoses, cardiac arrests and even delivering babies!


Currently the PCP is only open to medical and nursing students from King's College London, unfortunately due to medical insurance reasons, we do not currently offer observation shifts to midwifery/other AHP students, visiting students, KCL students intercalating externally or external students intercalating at KCL.

To apply to the PCP, please click on the appropriate link below:

Ambulance King's College London Emergency Medicine Society (KCLEMS)


Our academic forums attract a wide range of healthcare professionals including qualified paramedics, nurses and doctors. We are currently recruiting experienced LAS paramedics to mentor our PCP students. It is a great opportunity to introduce the world of prehospital care to the next generation of doctors and nurses. If you are interested in becoming a paramedic mentor then please email pcp@kclems.co.uk