The King's College London Emergency Medicine Society (KCL EMS) aims to equip students with the skills, confidence and experience to be able to engage in critical care situations through the exploration of all aspects of emergency and prehospital medicine.

Winner of Society of the Year 2010; KCL EMS prides itself on keeping our events as hands on as possible, and we look to involve students across all courses and skill sets. In 2011 we held an event every 2 weeks, far more than any other medical society!

2009 was also the inaugural year of the KCL Prehospital Care Programme, in which medical and nursing students go out on shifts with the London Ambulance Service. Since the PCP has started, students have been to countless emergencies in London including stabbings, shootings, road traffic accidents, people hit by trains, heart attacks, strokes, drug overdoses, cardiac arrests and even some unexpected deliveries! For more information about the PCP and for information on how to apply please visit our PCP page.

Monthly Academic Forums cover topics in Prehospital Care, with case presentations from Students, Paramedics and Air Ambulance Doctors.

Other events have included Basic Life Support, Spinal Immobilisation, Electives Evenings and Psychiatric Emergencies. We also held the hugely successful Prehospital Care Training Day, where students had small group teaching with Paramedics, and were then put to the test in challenging, realistic moulages.

LAA Helicopter and Response Vehicle King's College London Emergency Medicine Society (KCLEMS)


King's College London medical and nursing students can subscribe to the Emergency Medicine Society via the KCLSU website. Subscribers can enjoy discounts to our events. Students must also be subscribed to the society in order to apply for the Prehospital Care Programme and to go on London Ambulance Service observation shifts.